Who We Are

AwareBase brings hardware, software, data and business process together so that your business can deliver results. We are led by engineers who have worked in the design, manufacturing and asset management sectors and we understand these domains extremely well. AwareBase solutions will transform your company’s information environment allowing you to design, build and support your products better, more efficiently and with less risk.

What We Can Do For You

Information Environment Transformation Planning — A road map to efficiency harmonized with your business plan
ERP, PLM, PDM Selection and Implementation — We’ll determine your requirements, provide you with options and manage the procurement and implementation to a successful conclusion
Data Management & Enrichment — We’ll make your data work for you and give you the answers you need
Engineering & Manufacturing Process Improvement — We’ll apply our domain experience to help you evolve your processes to get thee most out of your hardware, software and data
Custom Software Development — If we can’t find off the shelf software to meet your needs, we’ll leverage our software development experience and build it for you


Tina5s brings order to your engineering documents allowing everyone to quickly find and confidently use the information they need.


Tina5s eliminates waste throughout the document lifecycle freeing up time for your workforce to create more value for your business.


Tina5s provides process insight and awareness allowing project managers and engineers to see where their documents are at all times.

How Can Tina5s Help You?

You'll see improved work force productivity. If you're an ISO company, or you operate in regulated industry, you'll experience easier audits and improved compliance. If you maintain or operate complex engineered assets, Tina will help you reduce maintenance and operational safety risks because the correct version of engineering information will always be used. You may also experience uptime improvements because the right information is always available to deliver quick answers.