Data Management and Enrichment

Data Management and Enrichment Services

AwareBase solutions have a very simple mission – deliver trusted data and information to those who need it. This always results in rapid, fact based decisions. As the creator of AwareBase Tina, we intimately understand data – how to structure it, how to manage it and how to enrich it so that your business can use it with supreme confidence.

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AwareBase solutions almost always involve some degree of data management and enrichment – particularly for customers who are reliant on legacy data and information. During most engagements, AwareBase is faced with a multitude of overlapping and isolated spreadsheets, Access databases, custom and off the shelf database solutions, ERP systems, documents containing key data as well as filing cabinets and bookshelves full of paper records and reports.

At the outset, AwareBase works with its customers to first determine a data strategy designed to dramatically improve data quality at reasonable cost. Throughout the data enrichment process, AwareBase works with its customers to:

Identify, flag, investigate and fix data anomalies
Develop and implement data and meta data standards
De-duplicate data managed within more than one solution
Establish data relationships
Verify and validate all changes
Merge data from multiple sources
Identify and, where possible, fill data holes
Migrate data from one system to another

The outcome of AwareBase’s data management and enrichment activities is accurate, trustworthy data that results in confident, fact based decision making. Additional benefits are significant work force productivity improvements, lower operating costs and risk mitigation.

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