SharePoint Services

SharePoint Services

If you’ve already decided that Microsoft SharePoint is the solution for you, AwareBase can help. We can plan, manage and execute your SharePoint solution wholly as an enterprise project, or we can provide you with skilled and experienced SharePoint consulting to augment your SharePoint development team.

Contact Us and leverage our experience to make your SharePoint solution a success!

Why SharePoint?

If properly implemented, SharePoint’s biggest benefits are:

Improved collaboration and productivity
Easier access to information
Improved external and internal communication
Ability to configure and create most, if not all, of your own solution with no coding required

Microsoft SharePoint Overview

SharePoint is a flexible but complex platform designed to be rapidly configured by the average Joe who has no specialist IT skills other than a good working knowledge of SharePoint. No two SharePoint solutions are alike – your SharePoint solution will be tailored to meet your specific business needs. SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features and functions can be improved, or expanded, by buying commercial, or creating custom coded ‘web-parts’.

SharePoint’s features and functions allow users to:

Create and manage Websites, Wikis and ‘Dashboards’ for internal and external one way communications
Create and maintain Blogs for two way conversations
Manage documents & records
Search for information across the enterprise

SharePoint Challenges

Despite its complexity, SharePoint can be easily configured by users who have only a basic understanding of the platform’s capabilities. This, coupled with Microsoft’s no-fees approach to SharePoint Foundation makes it a compelling, and apparently, low cost solution. An AIIM study states that, incredibly, over 75% of SharePoint installations went ahead without any financial justification whatsoever!

SharePoint is a platform – it does not become an Enterprise IT Solution until it has been configured to meet your specific business needs and requirements. Even a SharePoint Foundation solution that is wholly planned managed and executed as an internal project has significant implementation and ongoing support costs.

SharePoint solutions created and implemented in the absence of formal requirements, policies & plans and expertise run the risk of low user adoption, SharePoint sprawl, costly rework and unnecessarily expensive future upgrades.

AwareBase Can Help!

Because many AwareBase solutions leverage the power of SharePoint, we have significant experience with all aspects of this powerful platform. Through our SharePoint consulting services, AwareBase can:

Provide strategic advice, guidance and hand holding at critical junctures in your SharePoint implementation
Provide specialist project resources such as SharePoint Architects, SharePoint Developers and SharePoint Project Managers
Work with you to determine your business requirements
Help you establish an Information Management governance framework
Create management and use policies that will allow you to control your investment in SharePoint
Plan and lead your SharePoint implementation
Configure your SharePoint solution to meet your business needs using out-of-the-box web parts
If necessary, source commercial third party web parts and/or develop custom SharePoint web parts to flesh out your SharePoint solution
Develop and deliver training designed to assure user adoption and SharePoint success
Create and maintain a SharePoint support plan that will streamline future upgrades
Help you plan and execute a SharePoint upgrade that is quick and painless

Please Contact Us – AwareBase is one of the few SharePoint Edmonton solution providers. We’d love to help you make your SharePoint Solution a success!