Tina Implementation and Support Services

Tina Implementation and Support Services

AwareBase has designed Tina solutions from the ground up to ensure that they can be implemented rapidly. And because Tina is pre-configured and delivered with all necessary supporting information small companies with uncomplicated operations can independently implement Tina and be up and running in a few days.

For larger companies with more complexity and depth, implementation challenges can multiply exponentially. But don’t worry, by leveraging AwareBase’s product implementation experience, we’ll help you navigate the challenges and ensure implementation success. Although overall implementation effort is highly dependent on many factors, AwareBase has a proven Tina implementation process that always yields repeatable and successful software implementations at the lowest possible cost. AwareBase’s consistent implementation approach and extremely low rates yield ROI’s that are measured in days — not weeks, months or even years.

So what exactly does a typical Tina implementation for larger companies involve?


Although small businesses may use Tina out-of-the-box, some configuration refinements may be required for larger businesses. This is quickly achieved because Tina has been designed from the ground up to ensure rapid tailoring to meet the unique needs of even our most sophisticated customers.


Tina will need to be installed on your network and configured to operate in your IT environment. AwareBase provides all the documentation necessary for your experienced IT staff to accomplish a successful Tina installation and this typically takes just a few hours.


Depending on your requirements, you may wish to integrate Tina with other applications in your IT environment. This is a snap because Tina leverages open integration platforms specifically designed to achieve rapid integrations.

Data Migration

If you’re using legacy solutions such as a commercial ERP, custom applications, Microsoft Access, or even spreadsheets, and your legacy data is organized, it can be quickly migrated to Tina. If you have overlapping data everywhere, we can help you organize it and enrich it prior to data migration. AwareBase has a great deal of data management, migration and enrichmentexperience and we rapidly accomplish most data migrations using industry leading Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools.

Business Process Refinements

When moving on from a Windows file folder and paper based world to a Tina solution you will immediately see ways to streamline your Business Processes and achieve even greater productivity from your work force. AwareBase has a very skilled and experienced team of Business Analysts who can help you rationalize the way that you do business. And the payback from this small investment will accrue every single year that you are in business!


AwareBase provides three levels of training. First we train the trainers — your people who will be responsible for delivering initial and recurring training to the rest of your employees. Second, we train your administrators — your people who will be responsible for routine system administration. Third, we train your IT staff who will be responsible for routine database maintenance activities. When we’re all done, AwareBase will have transferred all the knowledge necessary for you to operate Tina in a totally independent fashion.


AwareBase has a “customers for life” philosophy — which means that we’ll be available to you if you ever need to talk to us. It also means that we’ll be frequently checking in with you to see how things are going.

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